FAQ: A Thousand Ways

We’re excited to embark on this adventure with you and our friends at 600 HIGHWAYMEN. Read about the project details below, and contact us if you’ve got further questions or concerns about accessibility.

How does it work?
At the time of the event, you call into a phone number we’ll provide you (registered ticketholders will receive the number via email 24 hours before their scheduled time). Another audience member will do the same. You’ll be met by a voice that will guide your experience.

What will happen during this experience?
You’ll have a conversation with your phone partner. This is meant to be a private experience between two individuals who are strangers to one another—so make sure you show up! (Check out our testimonials from people who have participated already.)

What do I do if I’ll be calling from another time zone?
Please contact our box office so we can provide you with the best number to call into this experience. All calls are scheduled in Eastern Time.

Can I participate with another member of my household?
No—members of the same household must have their own ticket and separate devices to join the event. This is intended to be a private experience between two callers. It is recommended that members of the same household choose different times. 

Where should I call from?
A quiet space in your current place of residence with a good telephone signal. Please do not broadcast the call via speakerphone if audible to other people in your home. Recording of the call is not permitted. 

What kind of phone do I need?
Any phone will work! Just make sure it’s charged, cordless, and ready to go. We do not recommend using Bluetooth/wireless headphones or speakerphone.

When do I get the phone number?
You will receive the phone number to call 24 hours before the performance. Please make sure that carolinaperformingarts@unc.edu has been added to your email contacts, and be on the lookout!

Please note: the primary phone number you’ll receive may not work for some low-cost phone plans, in which case you should use the toll-free back-up number we will provide in the same email.

What else do I need to know?
Mark your calendar with the scheduled date and time! The performance will start promptly at the scheduled time. Due to the intimate nature of this experience, we cannot accommodate late arrivals. The success of this experience depends on you—if you don’t “show up” your conversation partner will not be able to participate. 

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