Combat Paper Project returns to UNC

When the Combat Paper Project sets up on UNC’s campus in Gerrard Hall, it offers a unique opportunity to witness how art can help tell stories. These stories, shared by veterans and the rest of us who have had friends, family, and colleagues serve in the military, become an integral part of the creative process.

A man in a plaid shirt and black hat holds military fatigues with an American flag patch featured prominently.
Drew Cameron from Combat Paper Project

This art is created from the uniforms of military veterans, who have donated these materials in order to share in the process. The uniforms are cut up and turned into a pulp, which is then transformed into paper. For participants, the process of cutting up a uniform and turning it into a work of art becomes a powerful method for understanding – and helping others to understand – their experiences in the military.

The one rule of the Combat Paper Project is that everyone is welcome at any time. You are invited to join us for a week of workshops, stories, and papermaking in Gerrard Hall.  View the complete schedule here.

Aaron Shackelford, Ph.D.
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow

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