Atmospheric Memory FAQs

A man stands beneath hundreds of teardrop-shaped lights and speakers at Atmospheric Memory.

What is Atmospheric Memory

Atmospheric Memory is a breathtaking interactive art environment where you can see, hear, and even touch the sounds that travel through the atmosphere. 

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Atmospheric Memory scours the sky for the voices of our past. Inspired by computing pioneer Charles Babbage’s 180-year-old proposal that the air is a ‘vast library’ holding every word ever spoken, Atmospheric Memory asks: was Babbage right? Can we rewind the air to recreate long-lost voices? And if so, whose would we want to hear?

What type of experience is Atmospheric Memory

Atmospheric Memory is an immersive, interactive audio-visual environment presented in Memorial Hall on UNC-Chapel Hill’s campus. 

Where is Atmospheric Memory taking place? 

Atmospheric Memory will take place in a custom-built structure inside Memorial Hall on UNC-Chapel Hill’s campus. 

The beginning of the Atmospheric Memory experience, or the Prelude, is located in the Memorial Hall lobby. After going through the Prelude you will enter the Chamber, located on and around Memorial Hall’s stage in the Beasley-Curtis Auditorium. 

Please take care when walking to the Chamber, as there is low lighting throughout the installation. If you need any assistance, contact a member of staff.  

What is the Prelude Exhibition? 

The Prelude Exhibition is where you start your Atmospheric Memory journey inside Memorial Hall. On display are several artifacts from UNC’s collection with curatorial notes written by CPA graduate student fellows.

Do I need a ticket? 

A ticket is required to enter Atmospheric Memory. We recommend you book in advance to have the start time of your choice. You can buy tickets on the day from the Memorial Hall Box Office. We cannot guarantee tickets will be available on the day, however.  

Please note: By entering the installation, you are consenting to be filmed and photographed.

How much do tickets cost? 

Tickets are $15 for general admission, excluding processing fees. UNC Student discounts are not available for this event.

How long can I stay inside the Chamber?  

Once you have entered the Chamber, you are welcome to stay and experience Atmospheric Memory as long as you like.  

Will I be able to leave and be re-admitted? 

Once you have entered the Chamber, you are welcome to stay and experience Atmospheric Memory as long as you like. However, re-entry to the Chamber is not permitted.

Will I be able to see inside the Chamber? 

Yes. However lighting levels will be low and changeable. There will be light emitted from projections and the artworks. Entrances and exits will be clearly marked and lit.    

Where is the closest parking? 

We know parking on UNC’s campus and around town can be a challenge, and varies in availability depending on the time of day and day of the week. For detailed information and recommended parking lots, please visit our Parking and Directions page.

How do I get to Memorial Hall? 

We recommend using Google Maps to map your route.

Will latecomers be admitted? 

Carolina Performing Arts reserves the right to refuse admission to latecomers. However, if availability allows, we will attempt to reassign you and your group to a later time slot. Please ask a CPA staff member if you have more questions at the event, or contact our Box Office

Why do I need to give my consent to be filmed and recorded? 

In purchasing a ticket, you give consent to being recorded at the event and for this data to become an integral part of the live artwork. All data is destroyed at the end of the installation.  

The project uses microphones and cameras to record your visit. You’re welcome to make your own recordings. Parents or guardians must give consent to children under 18. 

What is the recommended age for Atmospheric Memory?  

Atmospheric Memory is suitable for all ages, but recommended for ages 12 and up. Please be aware that there is limited seating inside the Atmospheric Memory Chamber, and that strollers must be parked in designated stroller parking at your own risk. It will be loud and dark inside. 

Is there anywhere I can learn more about Atmospheric Memory

If you would like further information about Atmospheric Memory, or how it was created, head to  

Is photography and filming allowed?  

Yes! Be sure you use #AtmosphericMemory when posting on social media!

Is there an interval? 

There’s no fixed interval – the event runs continuously. Ticketed entry times occur every 15 minutes.

Is the exhibition suitable for someone with a hearing impairment? 

Some of the exhibition is projection and some is audio, so if you are hearing impaired you will still experience the visuals. There is also a short introductory film presentation as part of the event, which has both captioning and ASL interpretation.  

Is Atmospheric Memory wheelchair accessible? 

Yes, all parts of the Atmospheric Memory installation are wheelchair and walker accessible.

If you have more questions about accessibility at CPA, please contact our Box Office.

Will I be standing the entire time? 

Atmospheric Memory is primarily a walking and standing event, however you are welcome to sit or lie down where you like in the Chamber. We ask that you are mindful of others needs and space.

There is limited seating available in the Chamber and Prelude Exhibition space.  

Can I bring a bag or purse?  

Yes. Although Carolina Performing Arts does not allow for large bags to be brought to our seated performances, you may bring a purse or backpack inside Atmospheric Memory. Please note you may be asked to leave oversized bags in bag check inside Atmosphonia at your own risk.

You may not bring outside food or drink inside the installation.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. 

Please email us at 

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