Staff Intro: Betsy Busald, Associate Director of Development

In our latest Staff Intro, we’re featuring our colleague Betsy Busald, who relocated from the Midwest to join our staff in 2019 and has recently begun a new role with CPA as our associate director of development.

From L to R: Betsy Busald, CPA associate director of development; Susin Seow, former CPA director of development;
Laura Pinto-Coehlo, CPA development manager

Carolina Performing Arts: What’s one fun fact about you?
BB: I am a trained classical dancer who studied ballet and modern dance.

CPA: What’s your favorite part of your job?
BB: I’ve always been relationship driven. One of my elementary school teachers even told my parents, “When it comes to social, Betsy’s mind is like a steel trap.” I really enjoy building relationships with our donors and discovering what part of our mission inspires their philanthropic endeavors. The relationships I get to develop go beyond the financial investment, they serve as a conduit for impact. This is what drives my passion for this work—seeing impact realized on the programmatic side.

CPA: What new aspect of your role are you most looking forward to as the associate director for development?
BB: In my new role, I’ll be focusing more on major gift support for organization. I am most eager to uncover new opportunities by sharing stories that inspire philanthropy.  

CPA: Coffee or tea?
BB: A mix, my caffeinated addiction is a dirty chai tea latte.

CPA: Where’s your go-to place for takeout around town?
BB: New Hope Market, their dessert case is a work of art.
[Editor’s Note: This Chapel Hill foodie prides herself in knowing every restaurant and cafe in town––and this one escaped me! Very excited to give it a try. Thanks, Betsy!]

CPA: It’s a Saturday afternoon. Where would we find you?
BB: Somewhere outdoors, either on a hike or fishing with my fiancé and our crazy German Wirehaired Pointer, Rivi.

CPA: What’s the most memorable performance you’ve ever seen? Why?
BB: Gosh how do you pick just one? My favorite CPA performance was Kidd Pivot’s Revisor, which blew me away. Not only does [Crystal Pite’s] company have exceptionally technical dancers, but the plot was captivating. I felt invested in the characters’ development more than any other dance piece I can remember seeing. A favorite non-CPA performance was one of the Postal Service’s last-ever live appearances at Lollapalooza 2013 in Chicago. Ben Gibbard’s vocals hold a special place in my heart and would certainly be the soundtrack to different stages of my adolescent years.

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