FAQ: Modulation

Carolina Performing Arts is thrilled to co-present Modulation with PROTOTYPE Festival. Below, find answers to general information about the experience and commonly asked questions about navigating Modulation.


When will this be available?
Modulation will be available beginning at 8 PM EST on Friday, January 8 until 11:59 PM EST on Saturday, January 16. Tickets close at 11:59 PM EST on January 15.

How do I get the information to access Modulation?
Patrons who register for tickets prior to the first day of the performance will receive link information on January 8. Anyone who registers for a ticket after that will receive their link within 24 hours of registering. All pre-performance emails will be sent by carolinaperformingarts@unc.edu (please add this address to your email contacts list).

Do I need a specific device to experience Modulation?
For the best viewing experience, we strongly recommend that you watch Modulation on a laptop or computer with an updated Chrome browser. We do not recommend viewing Modulation on your mobile device or tablet. 

Do I need specific equipment to experience Modulation?
Headphones are strongly recommended for the most enjoyable listening experience.

Can I watch it on a TV?
Sure! Connect your device to your Smart TV and Modulation will appear on the TV. Please navigate the experience from your computer. 

ls captioning be available?
Closed captioning is also available, but will need to be manually turned on within the experience. In the lower right hand corner of each video, click the icon furthest to the right (depending on your browser, it will look like three vertical dots, a small rectangle, or the CC icon), then ‘Captions English.’ You’ll then have the option to click ‘English’ to turn captions on, or ‘Ignore’ to leave captions off. 

Can I watch multiple times?
Yes, any ticketed guest may view Modulation on demand an unlimited number of times until January 16 at 11:59 PM EST.

How long is the entire experience?
Modulation is about 60 minutes long, but feel free to pop in and out as you please, or repeat parts of the experience.

Can I stop and start the videos?
Go for it!

Why isn’t Modulation on the Carolina Performing Arts website?
Carolina Performing Arts is a co-presenter of this experience, which is hosted by PROTOTYPE Festival.


Do I need to enter my email address to enter the experience?
No. Simply enter the password provided in the pre-performance email you received from carolinaperformingarts@unc.edu. Passwords are case-sensitive.

How do I access a room?
Click on the glowing portal to enter any of the rooms: Fear, Identity, or Isolation.

How do I exit a room?
In the bottom right hand corner there is a compass, acting as your navigation between rooms in the experience. Scroll over the compass at any time to move between rooms. 

How do I access a video?
Scroll or hover over any of the portals (it will glow when you do so). Click the glowing portal and the video will begin automatically. 

How do I exit a video?
Simply click outside the video frame and you will be brought back into the room. 

Where do I find the lyrics?
Navigate to the ‘About’ section of modulation2021.org. Under each composer’s name, there is a hyperlink to the lyrics. Please note: not all composers chose to include text, but most are there! (For information about closed captioning, see the ‘General’ portion of this FAQ.)


I have a question about locating my password for this event, or I did not receive a pre-performance email with information on how to access this experience.
Contact cpatixquestions@unc.edu and our box office staff will respond as soon as possible. You can also leave us a voicemail at 919-843-3333. (Please note that CPA box office email and voicemail are monitored 9 AM – 5 PM, M – F.)

I am experiencing a technical glitch that I can’t resolve via the FAQ above when accessing modulation2021.org, or during the performance.
Please contact info@prototypefestival.org (monitored 12 – 9 PM EST daily) and a representative will help resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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