Staff Intro: Allison Wilson, Artistic Coordinator

In our latest Staff Intro, we’re featuring our newest colleague Allison Wilson, who joined our staff this spring as an artistic coordinator and took on the role of stage manager in our latest virtual series, Compose Carolina.

Allison Wilson joined the CPA staff in spring 2021 as an artistic coordinator.

Carolina Performing Arts: What’s one fun fact about you?
AW: Roller skating has been a hobby of mine consistently since childhood!

CPA: What’s your favorite part of your job in your first few months?
AW: Coming into the office and catching up with colleagues. Many laughs have been shared, and enthusiasm about upcoming events is felt and fostered amongst this group! 

CPA: Coffee or tea?
AW: I do enjoy a great tea, to open the senses! But I must say I been a coffee woman since college. I enjoy a nice iced/hot coffee, depending on the season.  

CPA: What are you most looking forward to when we return to venues? 
AW: The excitement and the newly felt experience of the patrons coming back for the first time. I’m so looking forward to artists being able to present work in person within our spaces.

CPA: Where’s your go-to place for takeout around town?
AW: Cosmic Cantina! Both their locations, in Durham and Chapel Hill. You can never go wrong with a burrito or a taco!
[Editor’s Note: Cosmic fuels the entire CPA office as their location is just a stone’s throw away from our office. We love you, Cosmic!]

CPA: It’s a Saturday afternoon. Where would we find you?
AW: You’d likely to find me out and about on an errand or on a crafting mission. I tend to find myself out enjoying an event within the community, or rummaging through racks at thrift and resale stores, looking for unique pieces. Saturdays when I’m not out with friends or socializing are a great chance for me to be creative. 

CPA: What’s the most memorable performance you’ve ever seen? Why?
AW: I have experienced many great performances. The most memorable performance that I’ve been able to see is Wicked in New York at The Gershwin Theatre. I saw it on Halloween a few years ago dressed as Wonder Woman! Definitely one for the books.  

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