Staff Intro: Dani Callahan, Business Operations Assistant

We’ve got another star staffer to introduce to you today!⭐ This time we caught up with the radiant Dani Callahan, Business Operations Assistant.

💼What do you do in your day-to-day at CPA?💼
I handle all the daily finances and expenses, anything from artist payments to office supplies.

❤️What’s your favorite part of your job?❤️
I love that I get to touch a little bit of everything at CPA. Whether it’s an artist’s contract or new equipment, almost everything CPA does has to pass through the business office.

☕Where’s your go-to place for a caffeine kick?☕
When I was a student it was ExpressOasis, but now it’s The Meantime for a hot caramel latte.

☀️It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon. Where would we find you?☀️
In my apartment with the blinds open to let the sun in as I clean. I love cleaning—I like to think if you put love into your laundry, it’ll love you back.

🎉Which performance are you most excited for this season?🎉
London Symphony Orchestra—when they’re here you better believe I’ll be in that auditorium. A close second is “The Future is Female” by Sarah Cahill because the concept is so cool.

💡What’s the most memorable performance you’ve ever seen?💡
In high school, a lot of my friends were in the musical “Footloose.” I wasn’t because I had stage fright, but I went to see it. It was TERRIBLE, haha, but I loved it because it was all my best friends.

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